Marco Gajardo

Professional Profile

Welcome to my professional profile page.
I'm a software architect and entrepreneur in a pursue for new challenges.
I've got more than 20 years of experience creating solutions for a wide range of projects and industries.
Feel free to explore my portfolio and timeline highlights to discover more on the developments I've done so far, or just navigate below for more information about me and my expertise.
During my career I had the fortune to participate in many projects from diverse areas, such as NASA on the Artemis Program or on rocket engine testing at Stennis Space Center, helping Boeing on aircraft HMD prototyping, NOAA and deep ocean exploration, among others, also contributing on the academic fields with biomechanical analysis tools for universities as Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Rush and more around the world.
Additionally, as an entrepreneur I have also designed and developed systems for the entertainment industry, collaborating in projects on stadium projection mapping, great government and corporate events, museums, trade shows, retail and other fixed installations, as well as many interactive systems and visual immersive experiences.
My main background is on digital video and data acquisition, high bandwidth digital storage, real-time processing and motion capture.        My programming expertise is oriented on system design and development, mostly using C++, but had experience with other languages, such as Javascript, GLSL, Phyton, Assembly, Objective C and C#.        Over my career I have designed and developed many robust software suites, from scratch to final deployment, involved on all development stages, from UI/UX, processing, and integration.
I enjoy solving problems and creating tools and methods to help achieve goals and face new challenges.
My expertise also involves great experience in the projection field, created many tools for projection mapping, ranging from high performance media serving, procedural content and even 3D mapping simulation tools for planning.
During the last 15 years I have been also developing many solutions for museums, retail and trade shows.
I have been involved using different human interaction technologies, from tactile, IMUs, as well as AR, VR and MR.
Also, combining these technologies with my MoCap expertise I have been able to implement a wide range of immersive interactive experiences, most involving projection mapping and sensors sharing a common calibrated space.

Professional Experience

Systems and Software Developer
Fox Island, WA, USA
Jun/1997 -
CTO & Co-Founder
Santiago, Chile
Mar/2004 - Jan/2020
Phone +1 ‪(503) 897-0653 or +56 9 99428559
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