Centralized Remote Control System

Working on a powerful new version to help NASA's Artemis Program.     Can control a wide range of DHS stations, displaying real time status and video on up to 4 4K monitors.


SPICA's proprietary video format viewer

Designed for fast raw video stream load from DHS.


Version 8.02

Reached 8.2 GPix/sec for the S990 from Vision Research. Among many new features.


Orbisfly sphere control system

Designed and developed a control software to control a set of 49 Orbisfly spheres via DMX for the Museo Interactivo Mirador

Vision Research S640

Integrating the camera S640 into my API and capturing up to 20,000 FPS via CoaXPress using Euresys Framegrabbers

HS Tracking

Created a new experimental ML tracker for high speed cameras



Real time tracker game

A kick based game for TECATE / Monterrey / Mexico


Real time tracker game

A handball based game for Gobierno de Leon / Mexico


Real time tracker game

Halloween theme game in Santiago / Chile

ON Projeções / Brasil

PI/ON Development partnership

Developing an integrated platform.


EPSON / PI / ON - Shows

Participation on EPSON's LSS shows in Santiago, Chile and in São Paulo, Brazil

Azure Kinect

Proprietary full integration into my API, color, depth, IMU, 7 mics

Audio Multi-Channel API

Optimized and enhanced my current API for WASAPI multi-channel audio with real-time processing

Kramer interfacing

Enhancing and experimenting my API for interfacing with Kramer Matrix VS-1616DN-EM, some switches and controls.


NIKE / Phantom

Real time soccer game

Developed a complete immersive soccer based game for NIKE-Chile, 18 days, 1,000 players

Some videos


Museo Interactivo Las Condes

A complete new development for the Chile's exhibition.

( Do not have media to share due to rights restrictions )


Chile's branch corp. building

Using mamboPlayer and our gMapMaster procedural software we were able to give life to over 480 LED screens on the Santiago';s Scotiabank building.


Museo Interactivo Mirador

Mapping and games development

Developed several interactive experiences and a complex circular mapping for the Universe exhibition

EPSON Mapping Challenge

Winners of the Chile edition for Latin America

Mapping over Santiago's Art Musuem


Realtime spherical projection for Canada Dry and Cirque du Soleil

Developed a special software to integrate with mamboPlayer and gMapMaster to plan and execute a real time procedural projection show over a 10m diameter sphere.


Interactive book

Created an interactive book display about Nobel Prize Gabriela Mistral, this as part of the ZIM exhibition.


Social media holographic display

Integrated into a corporate event we displayed social media as a holographic effect

Entel / IRIS

A real time venue personification

Created a realtime procedural animation from and audio function coming from an offline host.

EPSON / Japan

Visiting many facilities in Japan as a guest among a group of selected users and producers.


NAB / Christie

Managing content development for NAB

16 different content developments.

CRCS @ NASA Stennis Space Center

Our first release to help NASA control 10 of our DHS stations for rocket testing recordings, a total of 24 GB/s.


Infocomm / Christie

Managing content development

Amazing experiences with 4K content and Christie's new Boxer projectors. PI developed several 7K @ 60Hz sequences.

Infocomm / Nationwide

Managing content development

4K @ 60Hz content for Nationwide's booth.

Alex Grey @ COSM

Mapping over Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors

Projecting Juan Carlos Vidal content over COSM, among some interactive experiences developed by me during the full moon celebration

DHS @ NASA Stennis Space Center

Got several of our DHS recording systems to help NASA record rocket engine tests at high speed, each reaching 2.12 GB/s

ISE / Amsterdam

Presenting PI's content development for Christie and its new Boxer

DMAS @ Virginia Tech



Created our sophisticated proprietary mapping tool for complex surface mappings, allowing non-rectangular sources as well as multi-user simultaneous mapping.


Created the first version of our Centralized Remote Control System, this software will allow us to control several DHS stations, to monitor, adjust and record.


South American Games Opening

Using 42 projectors, 10 redundant mamboPlayer stations, 45 minutes of 20 MPix @ 60Hz lossless content. We mapped Santiago's Stadium for the games opening, 22,000 spectators and transmitted live.

Mapping Simulator

3D simulation tool for projection mapping

Designed and developed a software to help PI simulate complex projection scenarios in order to plan and estimate brightness, lenses, cable lenghts, power and costs.


Interactive experiences

Developed several interactive systems for NIKE's stores in Chile and Argentina.

Infocomm / Christie

Software and content

Developed high performance interactive experiences to demostrate the new line of high resolution LED modules and projectors. Among a set of great content from PI.

Infocomm / Nationwide

mamboPlayer and 4K @ 60Hz lossless content

By using mamboPlayer we projected high quality video on Nationwide's screens.

Christie GTS

Global Technology Summit

Attended to this awsome summit hosted by Christie in Kitchener, Ontario


Fiducial tables

Developed an interactive fiducial marker table using my API.

BHP Billiton

Exponor Stand / Chile

Developed a set of interactive experiences among content by PI


Exponor Stand / Chile

Developed a multi-screen shared interactive experience.

Realtime tracking projection @ Christie

Developed a real-time demo to show our tracker mixed with projection, created using combined calibration system.

Museo Interactivo Las Condes

Our first exhibition about ancient Rome. 26 of our servers and over 30 content development.




Over 30 projectors, content and our mamboPlayer to serve over 3 days in this international summit, redundancy and security.


Procedural and passive content

Developed procedural content for this huge party with moving parts.

Festival Viña del Mar

Procedural and passive content

Using our gMapMaster software I created a set of active real time content for over 8000 sqft of LED modules of different pitches.


Multilingual real-time captions

Developed a tool to help foreign visitors to this summit to follow the speakers' speaches captioned in their native language.

LDI / Christie

Software and content

Once again with our friends from Christie at this awesome booth.

DMAS @ Instituto Brasileiro do Calçado

High speed and real time analisis for gait analysis


1000Hz Realtime machine vision

Developed a custom fluid tracer and object tracking system


Social media and mapping

Developed a realtime social media projection and LED mapping poster.

Museo de la Minería

Minning musuem Chile

Developed a customized interactive experience. Improved our media server for long term automated function.


Procedural content software

Developed a mapping software to help create procedural content for LED or projection. Works with our mamboPlayer media server and can be expanded using our mamboNet protocol.

LDI / Christie

Software and content

Participating with software and content @ Las Vegas.

High quality content, for projection and Christie's Microtiles.

DMAS @ Cairo

Sports authority and biomechanical labs in Egypt using our system.

DMAS Hulls @ Gothenburg

Evaluating opportunities for this new technology

DMAS @ Allegheny

Complex biomechanical recording and tracking



Installed at CEFID / Santa Catarina / Brazil

HASBRO Interactive Showroom

Developed several interactive experiences, all in synch and controlled by a central tablet.

BHP Billiton

Interactive booth for Minera Escondida

ExpoNor / Antofagasta / Chile


DMAS Hulls @ Ohio State University

Installed at OSU / Columbus / Ohio


Delivered our first final release of our digital highspeed recorder.


Interactive demo showroom

Developed several interactive experiences, all in synch and controlled by a central tablet.


Entel PCS

Developed a set of interactive experiences for this massive convention


40 meter interactive wall

Created an interactive experience based on an active projected wall with procedural content.


Delivered a customized DMAS version for airborne video capture, synchronized and integrated with more avionics equipment.



Delivered a DMAS version for long wire digital video recording underwater, down to 5,000 ft deep.

LAN Chile

Interactive experience

Developed a picture overlay game for Chile's #1 airline.


Interactive experience

Developed a picture overlay game for FOX Channel.


Realtime procedural content

Developed a series of audio stimulated procedural content for this electronic gig.


Realtime procedural content and media

Developed a customized version of our mamboPlayer to react and serve media for this iconic chilean band's concert.

LAN Chile Training

Realtime inforgraphics and content media

Developed a system on top of our mamboPlayer media server to help LAN Chile expand its training room with a powerful multi-media tool.



Delivered a specialized version of our software to help track horse running and injury analysis.

BHP Billiton

Minera Escondida multi-screen

For this venue we rear projected on acrilic panels and by the use of our first multi-channel audio in mamboPlayer we generated an increible immersive experience



Multi-Screen projection and 3D anaglyph

Still making our server grow in performance and robustness.


Delivered a DMAS version for Rush University.

Complete biomechanical version with capture, dynamic calibration, analysis tools and our new synchBox system.



Many retail experiments and implementations

Gaining space in Chile's retail market by implementing many games and interactive experiences for customers.

Realtime silhoutte and multi-touch screens.


3D realtime tracking for heavy loads on sea


Realtime moCap games

Silhoutte capture and processing

Using people's silhouettes we were able to make interactive projections.


Gaining space in the biomechanical market.


Proyección de Ideas

Partnership with Juan Alfonso Mazzarelli (manino) to begin a venture that mixes MoCap and projection.


Delivered system to this highly prestigious engineering institute.


Customized version for high resolution thermal cameras



Our first attempt with real-time markeless tracking.

Developed this software that could detect features and track over time controlling a PTZ for enhanced range, could be monitored remotely.

Helmet Tracker

Delivered an experimental version of our system to the Australian Department of Defense.

Brown University

Delivered a special version of DMAS for biomechanical video based analysis.



First version of our software for thermal cameras.

Universidade de Brasilia

Our fourth system delivered to Brazil

University of Utah

Our first system to this prestigious university.




Our first prototype for our Helmet Tracker system

Universidade Gama Filho

Continuing to grow in Brazil


NASA Langley

Our first system at NASA.



Our first delivered DMAS system!



Begin working as part of the development team into DMAS